The books we hide from our friends.

Callie takes it to the people:

I know several bloggers of all stripes (lit, design, music, etc.) who don’t list certain books in their "just read" or "currently reading" columns.  Sandra at Book World (who has just made a lovely shift in her blog from covering books to covering writing and books about writing) mentions that she would never place these books about writing in her left-hand column.  Instead of gasping at her declaration, I thought: my god, I do the same thing. 

I noticed a small trend toward cultural snobbishness in my recent posts.  Let me assure you, my friends, I am an everyday Joe.  Yes, like Callie, I’ve got the dark books that I hide like that unsightly Elmer Fudd posterior tattoo.  Hidden even from me – stored in boxes, with no room on the shelves, except for a few that I’ve listed on BookMooch – a John Grisham, a Terry McMillan, a (gasp) Michael Crichton.  (I liked Sphere.)  I went through a number of Stuart Woods books; some CusslerI’ve weeded a lot of the nasty ones out over the years, but the crown jewel of should be hidden remains on my living room bookshelf.



(Please note, however, that the soundtrack to the movie is exceptional.)


5 Replies to “The books we hide from our friends.”

  1. WOW! My mouth is actually agape.

    Now THAT takes cajones my friend. I’m very impressed with your ability to share. You’ve shamed me. My Clive Cussler admission seems paltry by comparison.

  2. Sadly, while my own original copy of that “fine” title is long gone, I must admit to having suggested to four or five people that they might really like it.

  3. Callie: yes, I was suckered. I read the book in one sitting and then attended the afternoon premiere of the movie (which was, incidentally, much better than the book and made me cry a lot.) I also stalked Waller for a while. That part is untrue.

    Dan: If it will alleviate your sadness, you can borrow my copy of the book if you would like.

  4. Haha. Bridges of Madison County. I’m impressed you admitted to that. You were also all of – what? – 21? 22? when you were ‘suckered.’ At the most. It’s like drinking Milwaukee’s Best ICE.

  5. Yeah, I was a youth. Totally taken in. You know, though, when they introduced Beast Ice, I thought I had entered the Golden Age. “Like Molson Ice… but cheaper… Beast!”

    I feel like I just exposed myself.

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