Lost in Twin Peaks.

Today in Twin Peaks news here at Condalmo: one copy of Season Two, barely used, for sale.

Although its creators have long since moved on, the show continues to cast its spell. Frost confirms that a comprehensive DVD boxed set of the entire run, including the pilot, will be released "within a year."

Grrr.  Me and my itchy trigger finger.

Also, in keeping with the subject, the direct Lost/Twin Peaks connection comes to light:

"It was so zeitgeist-y," says Damon Lindelof, co-creator of "Lost," one of the show’s direct descendants. He fondly recalls watching every episode with his father, who kept a binder of detailed notes and clues. "Everyone was talking about Cooper and the Log Lady and apple pie," Lindelof says. "Everything was so fresh . . . The vibe David Lynch and Mark Frost created was new and exciting."

"Instead of just saying, ‘Oh, [so-and-so] killed Laura Palmer’ — which is the way ‘Dynasty’ or ‘Dallas’ or ‘Falcon Crest’ would approach the mystery — ‘Twin Peaks’ went into this other realm. That certainly, in a positive way, inspires a fair degree of our storytelling [on ‘Lost’]," Lindelof says.

I guarantee you, Mikhail sprung fully formed from Lindelof’s mind.  You can take that to the bank.


2 Replies to “Lost in Twin Peaks.”

  1. Well, of COURSE they’d repackage everything together. And of COURSE they’ll make the pilot a box-set-exclusive DVD. So for people like my wife and me, who dutifully purchased both season one and season two as they’ve been released, we’ll need to go all black market on their ass.

    Now hand me some of that delicious pie.

  2. One box set, reasonably priced. That’s what I need.

    I feel like I just got Jacoby’d by James and Donna. (Jacoby’d! I just made that up! Thank you, coffee!)

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