Nabokov spring.

Brian of Five Branch Tree is doing a Nabokov in Spring – daily goodness from The Man, complete with art.  I love today’s:

"Every separate day in the year is a gift presented to only one man–
the happiest one; all other people use his day, to enjoy the sunshine
or berate the rain, never knowing, however, to whom that day really
belongs; and its fortunate owner is pleased and amused by their
ignorance. A person cannot foreknow which day exactly will fall to his
lot, what trifle he will remember forever; the ripple of reflected
sunlight on a wall bordering water or the revolving fall of a maple
leaf; and it often happens that he recognizes his day only in
retrospection, long after he has plucked, and crumpled, and chucked
under his desk the calendar leaf with the forgotten figure."
–The Potato Elf; Vladimir Nabokov

Stop over there for more from VN. 


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