“The Raw Shark Texts”: soundtrack.

Largehearted Boy’s "Book Notes" has (as usual) got the goods.  Excerpt from the intro:

People ask me lots about books and films – if I have seen such-and-such
or read such-and-such and to what degree whatever-it-is has influenced The Raw Shark Texts.
People rarely ask me about music though, which is strange because
there’s a lot of music in the book and a lot of music went into writing
it. There are even a few musical puzzles – spotting a song title and a
few seconds searching for song lyrics will give a reader a nice little
Raw Shark Easter egg of one sort or another (but I don’t want to give
those away here!).

I thought about putting together a playlist made wholly of mash-ups
or cover versions, which might have been clever and fun and could even
have worked as a commentary on my ideas and aims in a roundabout sort
of way. Maybe a bit too clever though, and not very honest. Instead,
I’ve decided on a playlist that tries to capture the tone and mood of The Raw Shark Texts.
It’s a list of songs that helped me find and hold onto the mood of the
story and songs which I’ve heard since which feel very close to what I
was trying to get down on paper.

I keep going back and forth on whether or not to add this to my TBR pile.  This piece gives it a nudge in the positive direction…


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