Podcast book club, user-driven.

A nice idea sullied by my horrible subject choice there.  Click here for the goods.  Excerpt:

My idea is to produce an audio montage of readers talking about a single book, and I have chosen Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro as the very first audio book club selection. To this end, I have set up a voicemail phone number through Yahoo (isn’t technology astounding?). So, if you have anything at all to say about Never Let Me Go, please call (415) 992-8622 and leave me a message!

Tell me whatever you want about the novel. Tell me what you liked, what you disliked, or just your reactions. What made you think? What images or words stuck with you? Read me passages from the book. Tell me your name, or not (if you do leave your name, I will credit and thank you in the audio production). Feel free to be creative. This is all new to me, so I don’t really know what to expect. Hopefully, something fun and interesting, something that is distinctly the product of a community of booklovers, will result.


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