Makin’ love in mama’s room.

Since there’s a category for it, I might as well drop in the occasional music post.  Friend K directed my ears to this site last night.  As he introduced me, kicking and screaming, to some of the music that I’ve listened to the most over the years, his recommendations carry weight.

This one is the least like anything else he’s ever recommended, and unlike nearly everything in my own music collection.  (Neil Young is scowling, somewhere.)  Under the Influence of Giants combine elements of disco, funk, ultra-mild 70’s rock, disco, the Bee Gees, disco, Earth, Wind, & Fire, The Commodores, and… yes.  Given that description, this music is the stuff that you either like immediately or immediately dismiss as another example of culture degradation, and on any given day I could have fallen on either side of that decision.  He picked the right time to tell me about it, and I’ve had it on repeat all day.  If this is what Pop music is, then perhaps … well, nevermind, but this is worth a listen.  He recommended two listens; only took one for me.  Please try to look past the as-usual wildly obnoxious MySpace format and check it out.


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